Benefits Of Equal Opportunities For The United States Essay

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Opportunities are not Everywhere A guy named Shane who was seventeen at the time, grew up in a trashing, two-bedroom trailer house. His mother was divorced, and she raised Shane and his three younger siblings on her own. They had a car, but never had enough money for gas. They both worked at the local convenient store and Shane tried his hardest to help him mom raise the other three siblings. Everyone in the town would always laugh at Shane when they would see him at work. Outside of class, he tried his hardest to avoid the kids in his class. He was always embarrassed about his home environment and who his family was. Shane and his family never had the same opportunities as other families because of their way of life. Do you think you have equal opportunities as other citizens in the United States? Women, blacks and people who face adversity do not get equal opportunities. Equal opportunities are not provided to everyone; especially, people who face challenges or discrimination. Although many people believe everyone does get equal opportunities, it is a proven fact why people do not.
Women and Opportunities
Women do not get equal opportunities. One reason they do not get equal opportunities is because discrimination within the work field. Most jobs will promote men to a higher position before women because they are “stronger and more independent.” Job opportunities are limited to women because many people think men can uphold the position better than women can. Although men…

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