Benefits Of Colonization Of America Essay

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In 1619, the first twenty African slaves arrived in Jamestown, Virginia. By 1700, they comprised 10 percent of its population. By 1763, they were about half of the population of the New World. The demand for African slaves increased as the contentment of English indentured servants increased. Their impatient to obtain their promised liberty caused them to join the Bacon’s Rebellion. This accelerated the shift to African slave labor force. In the colonial era, African slaves replaced indentured servants because land owners wanted a stable labor force. Originally, the South colony depended upon indentured servants labor force. They were the settlers “who voluntarily surrendered their freedom for a specified time (usually five to seven years) in exchange for passage to America.” After they finished their contract, they would received freedom dues and land that would enable them to attain economic freedom. It was the economic freedom that lured many of them to come as servants to the colony. As John Smith stated, one of the benefits of colonization of America was “the increase of [English’s] enjoyment.” Also, as Richard Hakluyt argued, the colonization of America would allow poor Englishmen to have “their own more happy state.” Both of these views caused poor Englishmen and women to form great expectation of economic freedom in the New World that the Old World could not provide. However, the hard labor and the harsh treatment of their owners proved to them that economic…

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