Benefits Of Cloud Computing In Healthcare

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Register to read the introduction… Legitimate cloud service providers have strict security protocols designed to comply with different regulatory mandates, including SEC, Sarbanes-Oxley Act, and HIPAA. Many cloud service providers have started offering HIPAA-specific compliant solutions. Healthcare service providers should verify that their chosen cloud service provider is HIPAA compliant before signing up for the service. If this information is not provided on the company’s website, call the sales or support line for more information.
Benefits of Cloud Computing for Healthcare Organizations
While privacy concerns have kept many healthcare organizations from migrating to a cloud computing solution, the cloud does offer major benefits to these
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With a recent HIPAA update, cloud service providers are now as liable for HIPAA compliance as the healthcare entities they serve. This includes ensuring that data is encrypted and securely backed up, verifying that data can be easily recovered, and using permission-based data access. * Scalability: Unlike on-site hardware infrastructure, you can easily scale your cloud storage solution to manage ever-growing patient data. Healthcare service providers generally must keep records for at least six years. Considering the volume of patient data, the likelihood of this overwhelming any on-site IT infrastructure is inevitable. The leading providers of cloud computing, cloud server or storage solutions are able to adapt to your EMR/EHR load quickly and store terabytes of your patients’ data in secure, redundant cloud

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