Benefits Of A Student Loan Debt Essay

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These results make sense because at Lebanon Valley College, “82% of the last graduating class borrowed with Federal Loans, and 25% of the last graduating class borrowed with Private Loans.” Those percentages make sense when looking at the histograms because they both show that most college students will take out federal loans over private loans and when they do take out private loans it is usually for less amounts of money.
There are some limitations to the survey because some the students who have less credit which means they are just starting so they might not need to take out student loans. The number of people with a student loan debt would probably be different if there was a focus on a specific year of college like just focusing on freshmen or seniors the types of numbers of student debt would probably much different and possibly more closely related. The similar thing could happen if they survey focused on either commuters or residence. However, the variety of people that were surveyed shows the diverse view of what is going on in the college and it shows a more realistic view of the student loan debt since there are factors like different incomes and whether or not a student lives on campus or not. The trend of different types of loans also makes sense when taking into account the pros and cons of Federal Loans versus Private Loans. Since going to college is a costly investment and after graduating with the debt, there is not always a guarantee of finding a job…

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