Benefits Of A Single Parent Families Essay

1575 Words Dec 10th, 2014 null Page
In more than 40 percent of current marriages, one or both spouses are remarrying (Strong, 2013). What that is saying is that if one thinks about all the possible types of stepfamilies, it is likely that a majority of Americans could possibly be associated with a stepfamily. Traditionally one was assumed to get married, have children, then die or experience widowhood. Nowadays it is not taboo for someone to get married, have children, get divorced, be a single parent, and/or possibly get remarried. Currently there are various alternatives to traditional marriage such as, single-parenting, binuclear families, recoupling, remarriage, and blended families. In reality, if a family is satisfying its needs and functions, it is a normal family. Single-parent families is the one type of family that has increased and continue to grow in number (Strong, 2013). They are created by either divorce, births to unmarried mothers, or death of a spouse. Stereotypically they are female headed but can also be headed by males, and lesbians/gay men. They are usually economically disadvantaged, sometimes even impoverished. Single-parent families usually have a reputation for having a “broken home”, but they do have their advantages. Successful single parents acquire how to be both parents and teach their child things that typically the other would teach them (e.g. car maintenance and sports). They also feel better about themselves for the fact that they have overcome many obstacles. Communication…

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