Benefits And Benefits Of Virtual Employment Essay

1637 Words Sep 10th, 2016 7 Pages
Introduction For those who have been working for the past 30 or 40 years or longer are happy with going to the employer’s location, performing their job and going home. While for some what is new to them are those employees who work from home, or seem to never leave their cubical and stare at one or more computer monitors all day or in a conference meeting. Businesses and managers are continually looking for ways to increase performance, sales, production, all while cutting costs. Virtual employment is catching on according to Global Workplace Analytics (2016), there are roughly 2.9 million people conducting telework. There are benefits both employers and employees gain by having virtual team employment opportunities. Although there is no right or wrong as far as a business operating partially or completely through virtual teams, the organization will determine the best way to operate. What determines the success; is if the team leader can manage the people, lead them, and achieve the objectives of the company. There are challenges management, team leaders, and employees will face as part of a virtual team, due to different environments, languages, skills of all team members. Moreover, when handled in the appropriate matter, all parties involved can overcome the distractions and continue to focus on the task at hand. While locations may change and the ways people communicate today has changed, does not eliminate the five stages of group development. Some…

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