Essay Beneficial Effects Of Green Tea On Health

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Beneficial Effects of Green Tea: Drink Green Tea for Your Health
Food, along with clothing and shelter, form the requisites of our life. However, despite the importance of diet, most people underestimate food and its relationship with their health. As human society has developed and the economic condition of each individual person has improved, people are more concerned about their eating habits compared to the people who lived in the past. Many food-production companies offer various kinds of healthy foods, in order to follow the recent trend of consumers who are looking for healthy food options. However, nothing could surpass green tea’s reputation as a healthy food. Green Tea became a part of everyday life all over countries including America. There are many green tea related products, which use green tea as their ingredients such as green tea latte, green tea cake, green tea chocolate, etc. The market of green tea and green tea related products have grown rapidly due to people’s firm belief about the benefits of green tea. Tea, with cocoa and coffee, is popular drinking beverage all around the world. It is almost impossible to list all the types of tea in the world because different countries have different ways to brew tea and it has different names. Among those teas, green tea is one of the years. Because of its long history, there is no exact evidence about the origin of tea. However, there are two stories, which many people believe as the origin of green…

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