Essay on Ben Behind His Voices : Ben

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The main character in the book Ben Behind His Voices is Benjamin; Ben suffers from Schizophrenia. He is the son of the author Randye Kaye. Early life for Ben was as normal a life a child could have with a single mother. Ben was warm and happy, like any other child. Ben was very well liked and he was often called often to babysit; Ben did very well in school and loved his baby sister with all his heart. Ben was often thought to have ADD or ADHD as a child, but it was not believed necessary to medicate Ben.
Later life for Ben was not simple nor was it easy on himself or those around him. What seemed simple everyday activities and being able to meet a level of social functioning considered normal by society was extremely difficult, trying and exhausting on Benjamin 's mind. Ben 's illness was an isolating illness that makes it hard to connect with friends and family, and function within the regulated standards set by his mother, landlord or group home staff, in order for him to live in her house or whichever place he was staying at that time. He broke the rules and promises he made usually a few days after moving in when he lived alone. Group home had a greater success for Ben because he had others around him to help him and keep him on his medication.
Ben smoked marijuana when he was in highschool, and Kaye believed this was the reason her son was acting different at first. Kaye went in bend room and found marijuana. Ben denied it was his but later admitted it was his,…

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