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Originally created by Stan Lee (writer) and Jack Kirby (artist), ‘X-Men’ is a graphic novel or comic book series that has spanned many decades. ‘X-Men’ first appeared in September 1963 and has since gained a large following and spread to multiple forms of media including film and TV. Published by Marvel comics, the series focuses on a group of ‘mutants’ who suffer a large amount of prejudice from the general population, finding salvation together in the mansion of a character named Professor Xavier. Released in a time of large social discrimination, but also a time of increasing views of equality, ‘X-Men’ was a true sign of the times. ‘X-Men’ was aimed at the population of America and the west,
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However, whilst the mutants find themselves as outsiders to both society and some other mutants, they do find inclusion among their respective groups, and thereby gain a feeling of belonging to each other. The X-Men, excluded from the society they desperately wish to join, find some solace in the company they offer each other, becoming a closely knit group, but still accepting to anyone and everyone, knowing what it means to be alienated. The Brotherhood, on the other hand, find themselves isolated from everyone, like the X-Men, but take a different approach, a more aggressive one, thereby alienating themselves from their fellow mutants (despite the fact that the X-Men would be willing to accept them). However, like the X-Men, the Brotherhood find inclusion with each other earning their own sense of belonging. X-Men is ultimately a story of people forced into exclusion, finding comrades and a place where they can belong, while still maintaining a deep want to re-join the rest of society, so that they might find a way to belong to the greater society.
‘X-Men’ uses a variety of techniques to represent belonging, such as characterisation, art style, layout, individual graphics, and dialogue. As a graphic series it is the imagery that creates the majority

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