Belief Systems : Religion And Religion Essay

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Belief Systems Religion refers to religious beliefs and behavior which exist in all societies. There are belief system such as magic, science, and religions imbedded in our culture. Beliefs and ritual is a cultural system that occurs when a group of people gather regularly for worship. They accept a set of doctrines involving the relationship between the individual and the divinity, the sacred or whatever is taken to be the ultimate nature or supernatural. The supernatural dealing with a nonmaterial realm beyond the observable world around us. This cannot be verified or falsified tentative and is inexplicable, it must be accepted by faith. Supernatural beings, deities, ghosts, demos, souls, and spirits, make their “homes” outside our material world. There is supernatural or sacred forces, some of them wielded by deities and spirits, others that simply exist. In many societies, people believe they can benefit from, become imbedded with, or manipulate supernatural forces. Religion exists in all human societies, it is a cultural universal that allows us to explain the world around us. People tried to understand conditions and events they could not explain by references to daily experience. Our ancestors and the nonindustrial people were fascinated with death, dreaming, and trance. In attempt to explain dreams and trances led our ancestors to believe that two “entities” exist within our body, one active during the day and the other our…

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