Being Degraded Throughout The 1800-1900, And Frederick Douglass

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[Degrading is to treat or regard with contempt or disrespect.] African Americans and women dealt with being degraded throughout the 1800-1900, and Frederick Douglass proved his magnificent endeavor to increase the respect and immunity for African Americans and all women. He was a slave throughout his childhood and young teenage years. Learned how to read and write during his late years of leaving his plantation. Also when he was free he had a lot of abilities in writing, and also opened his speaking abilities to give inspirational speeches. Frederick Douglass was a slave who had no idea how to read or write but the basic skills leads him to become a great to help his authority in the persuasion of others decisions to his side in women’s rights and African rights all with the help of his competence in writing. Frederick saw discrimination mainly on his color and wanted to change that.
Douglass was not afraid to go and help slaves be freed from plantations also his life would have been taken if he were to be caught. “Frederick was a station master on the underground railroad in Rochester, he gave his helping hand to free slaves from their plantations” (York). This effort of Douglass taking his personal time and energy to help slaves escape hostile plantations was his ideal for them to live a life being free. He had a broad relationship with Abraham Lincoln and this had an advantage to what he wanted to achieve, helped Abraham come up with the emancipation. "He helped…

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