Essay on Being An Outcast : A Social Outcast

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In Crowd versus Outcasts In today’s society many people of all age groups and races-feel an immense desire to fit in to the world around them. This need to be alike kills the sense of individuality that used to be sought after, and creates the feeling of being an outcast. According to the Oxford English Dictionary, the definition of an outcast is “A person who has been rejected or ostracized by their society or social group.” This definition paves the way to understanding the true meaning of a social outcast. A social outcast is a person that is mistreated, rejected or judged by their society because they look different, have differing beliefs than others, or refuse to change who they are just to fit the mold the world has come to expect. The United States of America are home to people of hundreds of different races and religions. These differing opinions tend to scare close-minded individuals and leads to the mistreatment or flat out rejection of anything other than their belief system. In the short story Saint Chola, written by K. Kvashay-Boyle, Shala M. Sawy tells the story of being a Muslim in an unaccepting middle school. The story begins when Shala walks in to her first day at L.A. United Middle School. Her thoughts are racing picking out all the hot new trends, and who she wishes she could be this year. As an eighth grader she already understands that to be popular, you must fit in with a certain crowd. All her hopes of fitting in are quickly shut down when she…

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