Being An Anthropologist : A Feminist Perspective Essay

938 Words Dec 10th, 2016 4 Pages
In the Feminist Ethnography book, the authors have raised the question; If it possible for a feminist to be an ethnographer? And as a woman who considered herself a feminist I have faced some issues, with certain subjects. I understand that part of being an anthropologist (which I am not) is to try to understand certain things within its cultural context. However, most of the discussions we had in class were about issues and people who struggle to have “some” rights, or recognition within their societies. Therefore, I kept asking myself, when should “understanding” stop, and activism starts? In my opinion I do not think oppression should be “understood”. I do believe we have to understand the circumstances and the culture that led to certain social practices, but never understand a violation of human right. For me “understanding”, is a mean for institutionalizing injustice. For example, should I think that it is acceptable for a boy who have no agency, over his body and sexuality to perform a fellatio to a grown up man, because “we” should “respect” other cultures? Or can I justify that one have to go under a gender reassignment surgery, in order not to be endangered because of his/her sexuality? Still, it is very important for me to be open to different perspectives. To be able to think, and rethink what is once seen as “non negotiable” beliefs. However, I prefer to be an active individual, rather than an observer. Understanding, it means accepting the male narrative,…

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