Being A Policeman Is A Hard Occupation Essay

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Being a policeman is a hard occupation, they are responsible for maintaining the peace and safety within their communities. Although police are only humans and can not help when emotion, empathy, experiences and personal beliefs affect their judgment in situations. Being viewed as both the bad and the good guys, it is difficult to please everyone in all situations especially when judging a situation and assessing what action should be taken. Police should enforce laws equally, although there are very few circumstances where police must decide if it may not be appropriate or beneficial to all parties to enforce a law, while in other circumstances it is a requirement not determinable by the officer’s discretion. The use of personal discretion is very important as a police officer, it is used when assessing situations, allowing them to become personable, and deciding if it were to be appropriate to apply an appropriate use of force. Police have a lot to consider while on their jobs, between maintaining equality, consideration, and lawfulness. Officers must protect and treat citizens with equality to ensure they have done their due diligence.
Other than in the very few rare exceptions, all officers should enforce all laws equally in all situations, in regards to all persons involved. Everyone should be accountable for their own actions. All the decisions one has made up until a point will result in how one will make a decision about a situation. For example, many people find…

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