Being A Leading Social Darwinist And Its Law And Cause By Herbert Spencer

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Being a leading Social Darwinist and through the use of his speech “Progress: Its Law and Cause” Herbert Spencer informed multiple societies about the theory of evolution hoping to gain acceptance of what Charles Darwin first discovered. Spencer was known to have ideas of evolution before Darwin published his discoveries; however, it wasn 't until his speech that his ideas were applied to the universe (Carneiro). Through the use of this speech many ideas about the society are revealed; such as ideology, philosophy, and the doctrine of evolution. Herbert Spencer; although not given enough attention for his accreditation to the theories of evolution had a substantial role in the augmentation of biology, psychology, sociology, and anthropology. According to Spencer, “The current conception of progress is somewhat shifting and indefinite” (Herbert). Within the speech “Progress: Its Law and Cause”, Herbert Spencer informs the society that progress is always changing and obscure through logos, archetype, and tone. Historical Background/Purpose of Speech Social Darwinism has been an ongoing discussion among scientist ever since Charles Darwin made his first discoveries. Darwin’s theories claim that species with exceptional adaption skills are likely to live longer (Meek). Although various ideas of evolution are incorporated with Charles Darwin, Herbert Spencer perceived the idea of evolution to humans as well. With both of these ideas from Spencer and Darwin, scientist were able…

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