Being A Classless Society That Rewards Its Citizens For Their Abilities And Talents

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Meritocracy could be construed to be flawed, as it is basing Australia to be a classless society that rewards its citizens for their abilities and talents. Kimball (1995) relates working concepts of meritocracy are closely linked to science. Science is believed to be true and objective, a more ‘meritorious’ type of knowledge that accurate people, methodologies and ideas. Science automatically assumes that science is elevated above other forms of knowledge which becomes apparent in scientists one way method of communication, and that there is nothing to be gained by a non scientific person (Kimball, 1995, p.141).
Science undergraduate courses are gender biased, gender socilaised and gender stereotyped. Academic success at tertiary level may come down to something so simple as in the attitudes and beliefs of the lecturer teaching irrespective of the lecturers sex. Rowle (cited in Kahle 2012) discusses lack of science experiences is exacerbarated by teachers behaviour towards boys and girls and they do not receive the same science and mathematics education.
According to the Department of Education and Training(DEET 2014) domestic students higher education statistics, females are enrolled at tertiary level in huge numbers in the health sciences and Education . with little difference between the sexes in physical or natural sciences. The differences are much smaller in architecture, yet in agricultural sciences there is a small gain in numbers for female students over male…

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