Beijing Foreign Policy in West Africa Essay

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Foreign Policy Article: Published by Kingsley C. Onyenankeya December 5, 2011 SUNY EMPIRE STATE

Kingsley: Beijing Foreign policy in West Africa 1
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As part of an effort to lock down sources of raw materials, Beijing has turned to West Africa, an abundant place of raw materials and oil, whose risk and challenges has caused it to be mostly abandoned and economically overlooked.
Increased aid, debt cancellation, and a recent explosion of trade transactions with a strategic focus on oil, have proven mutually advantageous to Beijing and West African states (Africapractice, Isaac idun-Arkhust and James Laing, p.7). By offering aid without preconditions or strings attached, Beijing has presented an alternative to Western conditional aid and gained influence and Kingsley: Beijing Foreign policy in West Africa 3 diplomatic support to defend its international interest in the continent.
However, a general relationship differing from past African- Western patterns, alongside support of authoritarian regimes and governments at the expense of human rights, make the economic consequence of increased Beijing involvement in West Africa and Africa as a continent intertwined at best, while the political outcome will prove to be unsustainable.
China's economy has grown at an average rate of 9 per cent annually since the last 3 decades and its energy consumption has tripled and outstrips

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