Dilaudid Research Paper

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Prescription drug medicines are crucial for keeping a person safe from the debilitating agony caused by a variety of health problems. Unfortunately, many pain medicines come with a heavy price: addiction. Some, such as dilaudid (also known as hydromorphone) are opioids. Frighteningly, over 33 million people in the country use these types of substances.

As prescription drug overdose deaths continue to rise across the nation (over 20,000 every year, according to the National Institute On Drug Abuse), it is important to understand how dilaudid addiction begins and to have the ability to spot signs and symptoms of its abuse. The following information will give you a guide for spotting this addiction in yourself or your loved one.

What Is Dilaudid?
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This makes it an opioid, and one that runs a high risk for severe psychological and physical dependence.

However, doses of two to four milligrams (in either pill or liquid form) are often used for their pain-relieving effect. In severe accident cases, it is often given intravenously to people in comas and is particularly useful for treating the pain associated with cancer and severe burns. When taken at a safe level, it dulls the mind and central nervous system and generates a pleasant peace of mind.

Unfortunately, when it is taken at high levels or for sustained periods (longer than a few weeks at a prescribed level), abuse and addiction are likely. The addictive nature of dilaudid and its effects on the mind and body make it a particularly problematic drug to abuse.

Dilaudid is often offered under the brand names Exalgo, Palladone, and Dilaudid-hp. When it is purchased through illegal vendors, it goes by other names, including Peaches, M-80s, and
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For example, they may suddenly become very angry or aggressive when you ask about dilaudid or may obsess over their next dose. These behavioral indicators suggest that their mental focus has shifted almost entirely to using and obtaining dilaudid.

It 's not uncommon for a person suffering from addiction to dilaudid to change in this way. In fact, they may start ignoring or avoiding friends completely and become isolated in their own little world. Sadly, they may even be accused of or get caught stealing prescription medications from other people 's cabinets or even get arrested trying to buy dilaudid on the street.

One of the most common behavioral symptoms of dilaudid addiction is “doctor shopping.” This is the act of going to several doctors and trying to get a prescription. If your loved one is continually complaining about and changing their doctor because they want prescribe them diladudid, they may be doctor shopping.

Withdrawal Symptoms To

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