Behavioral Health Center Is The State Of Ohio And Provides Physical, Mental, Spiritual, And Emotional Wellbeing

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Rosemont Behavioral Health Center is Columbus, the state of Ohio and provides physical, mental, spiritual, and emotional wellbeing among families and troubled youth. The organization has been committed to providing help to children in need and is always dedicated to the healing and renewing of youths who have been troubled or abused. It does all these through offering unconditional acceptance, treatment, education, counseling, and hope with regard to the urgent need of the troubled or abused youths. This institution understands that the youth can only be more productive in the society when they are fully established mentally, emotionally, physically, and spiritually. The institution is currently facing a problem according to the case study. It used to have two locations, which included Rosemont-Jackson and Rosemont-Bay Saint Luis. Rosemont used to be on the market for about $2.5 million. In the two locations, the institution’s equipment and furniture were very old and worn out although the institution managed to get a buyer. In this regard, the financial broker was Cates Lewis. He undertook the organization as his brother held the CEO position and hence managed the organization. However, the organization ended up with huge financial issues only within as short period of their leadership (Lecture Notes).

Major Problems and Secondary Issues The major problems that faces Rosemont Behavioral Health Center included poor leadership and financial problems. Regarding the…

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