Behavior Modification Research Paper

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Emily Lange
PSY 1003 Sec 002
Behavior Modification When it comes to your body, your hands are a very important part for your everyday life. Two weeks ago I broke my fourth left metacarpal bone in my right hand. Luckily, my injury was not traumatic enough to where I needed surgery. “Hand surgery is sometimes required when the bones are unstable as in a compound hand fracture in which bones visibly pierce the skin.” (Hand Fracture). However, with this being said it was required of me to wear a splint for 6 weeks. Since I am an extremely active individual, it is incredibly difficult to do anything in life without my right hand. I usually take my splint off when I feel it is getting tight, or my hand is getting sweaty. My hand is very uncomfortable while I
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If my hand does not heal properly, it would prolong the healing process and surgery would be more than likely. “Every year, millions of people break bones in their hands. Because we are so dependent on our hands, even a small loss of function can result in a lifelong disability. A broken hand will often require a visit to a doctor, and it may require months of rehabilitation care” (Retini). Considering I take my splint off as much as possible, this increases the risk of me further damaging my hand. Because of this risk, my target behavior is to decrease the time I take off my splint for each day. As far as behavior modification goes, I am going to have both negative and positive reinforcement. My negative reinforcement revolves heavily around the long-term effect of damaging my hand. I want to keep this splint on, so in the long-term I no longer have to wear the splint because my hand was healed! However, if I do not keep the splint on, it will not heal. My positive reinforcement is to reward myself with some time to relax and enjoy myself by hanging out with friends or go

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