Essay about Behavior And Gang Violence Among Kids

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Environment Can Lead To Gang Violence among Kids

Most children are exposed to violent environments including abuse, crime, and violent families in the family, educational institutions and the society. Most of these children experience violent acts exceeding one. The exposure to violence has a substantial impact on the children as they develop their relationships in childhood and later in adulthood. Children’s exposure to violence is linked to long-term psychological, physical, and emotional harm (Jencks & Burton, 2013). Additionally, such children have a higher probability to abuse alcohol and other drugs, post-traumatic disorders, and anxiety; have problems or fail in school. In this paper, I will argue that the environment that a kid is raised in can lead to violent/delinquent behavior and gang violence.
Theories linking violence exposure to violent/delinquent behavior and gang violence
According to social learning theorists, children acquire behavior via observation, reinforcing behaviors and role models in the surrounding, such as school, family and society (Monks et al., 2009). Children may accept delinquency and violence as acceptable and can decide to take part in these actions, after frequent exposure. Additionally, Social disorganization theorists argue that disorderly and disadvantaged environments where delinquency and crime are widespread can encourage the rise of crime (Jencks & Burton, 2013). The scholars argue that children in such…

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