Pros And Cons Of Beetroot

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We should not compare ourselves with celebrities when it comes to beauty. They are different from us in the sense that they have the money to spend for rejuvenation treatment and they can buy all the expensive skin care products at the flick of their fingers. Though we are not actors, singers and models, we can still be like them by following the natural ways in treating and preventing wrinkles.
Tip No.1: Beetroot
Beetroot is an excellent source of various nutrients that act as barriers against harmful chemicals, free radicals and pollutants that destroys your skin. This root crop has the ability to heal wounds, restores cell growth and prevents wrinkles, aside from lowering the sugar and cholesterol in the blood. Include beetroot in your
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It needs a few months to see if these products can fight wrinkles and whitens your skin. The safest way to do is to simplify your skin ritual by try out a single product at a time.
Tip No.2: Employ Correct Facial Cleansing
Cleanse your face once or twice a day. Exceeding it to more than twice can turn your skin into a dessert land where only wrinkles can stay, not even an oasis can thrive in your dry skin. Look for a product that works gently on the skin, non-comedogenic, non-soap, and with pH balance. If you can find these descriptions on the product grab it immediately.
Wash your face in a circular motion and not going downwards or else it can make your skin loose its elasticity. Circular movement in facial cleansing promotes blood circulation so that skin can restore its natural glow. When double cleansing your face, apply first a cleanser with oil to remove makeup and seconded it by using a non-soap cleanser to remove the remaining makeup residue and impurities.
Tip No.3: Steam Bath To Unclog Skin
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You need to have an alternative skin care formulation that are chemical-free so your skin is guaranteed safe and effective solution to get rid of blotches, hyperpigmentation and wrinkles. Try the following homemade facial mask and you will see how effective yet affordable they are.
Tip No.1: Strawberry Facial Mask
You need one-fourth cup bee pollen, ten fresh strawberries, three tablespoons raw honey, one tablespoon olive oil mayonnaise and a lavender essential oil. Mix all the ingredients until it becomes a soft paste. Apply it on the face for twenty minutes before rinsing it off with lukewarm water.
This facial mask helps removes dead skin because of the vitamin C and alpha hydroxy acids in strawberries as well as the granules of bee pollen. Olive oil hydrates the skin when it is combined with the antioxidants while mayonnaise helps soften the epidermis, so don’t miss out this facial pack.
Tip No.2: Spirulina Facial

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