Essay about Bedside Shift Reporting

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Bedside Shift Reporting
Jennifer J. Fay
Indiana State University

Bedside Shift Reporting In every profession there are changes that propel how tasks are done; nursing is no stranger to this. One of the biggest changes that have come into nursing’s daily events is how report hand-offs are being done. Gone are the days of taped report that each off going nurse must tape about each patient and the oncoming nurse must listen to. Nurses are now being encouraged to move their report to the bedside, in front of the patient (Trossman, 2007). It is very important to know how this can affect the patient and even the nurse’s schedule. With every change, there are positives and negatives that can finalize the decision to keep or forego
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Pepper also states that there is a professional advantage by being able to show the “less experienced nurses more exposure to other nurses’ techniques and approaches to patients”. Newer nurses for the first year of their career can be very uneasy about their newfound responsibility and by doing report together with the other nurses the newer nurse may feel more a part of a team. When an organization is trying to decide whether or not to change the end of shift report, it’s important to look at what the negative aspects are. Of course it is easy to do what is easy and what has always been done, as it can be quite scary to go into uncharted territory. When looking into the research, it was noticed that confidentiality (Laws & Amato, 2010) was a large concern for nurses. Although most hospitals are trying to have more private single rooms, most still have semi-private rooms that two patients must share. When bedside report is taking place the nurse should ask the patient if he or she would prefer to have bedside report versus report not including them. Nurses may even ask the patient’s visitors to please step out of the room if the patient is uncomfortable. These steps can help ensure the patients privacy and allows them the option of bedside report. Laws and Amato found among confidentiality there were bad test results, new diagnosis that a patient may not know about, issues about patients who are

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