Becoming A Dea Agent ( Dea ) Essay

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My first professional interview revolved around a career that I wish to pursue one day: becoming a DEA agent. After my interview I found out what it takes to become a Drug Enforcement Agent (DEA). I discovered that this job can be exciting and very rewarding. Not everyone is cut out to join the DEA, but the ones who are, love what they do. From this interview, I learned the requirements and special training that would help a person join the DEA. The agent I interviewed could not provide me with his full name because it would compromise him, so he referred to himself as Matt. He spoke about things like how the criminal justice system is changing in multicultural societies and diverse populations. I learned a lot in this interview from the technique needed for this job to how to survive being undercover. Due to the ever changing needs in the criminal justice career, he has also had to change jobs and move around the United States.

After asking about multicultural societies and diverse populations, I learned that almost every police agency around the world that have multiple races and groups of minorities. It is important for officers to be aware of these different groups of people for their safety and the officer’s safety. Arab Americans for example may get out of their car after being pulled over out of respect for the police officer. Other new members of society may take the pointing of a finger or the palm as a sign of disrespect. So as you can see it is very important…

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