Becoming A Bilingual Nation Essay

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Becoming a Bilingual Nation In the type of world, we live in today languages, are not seen as big of a deal when in reality they are. In the United States the language mostly heard is English and is considered our native tongue. To be able to thrive in the United States, we make sure individuals have the opportunity to learn English. We have individuals who speak Spanish and some Chinese with the wave of immigrants coming to America, but we strive to make them learn English. This is because we are a monolingual nation. To better help America grow, we need to change from a monolingual nation to a bilingual nation. Around the world, there are many different tongues that come from many different nations. When going from continent to continent, or country to country, there will be a chance to hear the many and distinctive languages. As of 2009, there has been 6,909 different languages classified (Anderson, 2012). With different languages comes different cultures, and even different dialects. If America really wants to become a true superpower, we will need to know more than just English, and a little bit of Spanish. In the world right now the language that is spoken the most is Chinese. To really be considered bilingual an individual will need to be able to write, and talk in more than …show more content…
When traveling, and going to bases that are new it may be difficult to communicate without having a translator. If we educate ourselves with the most spoken languages, it will make working with other nations easier and help get the job done. The military has bases all over the world and not everyone speaks English. For members who get stationed in foreign nations when foreign individuals figuring out the ropes can be fairly difficult. If they already know the language the job can smoother and these individuals will be able to appreciate the nation more when they can truly understand

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