Beauty Of Nature Essay

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Earth, a peaceful planet surrounded with water and land. A majestic planet that was once abundant with lakes, rivers, mountains, rain forest, and living creatures known as animals. The environment, ocean, and the atmosphere were free from pollution and contamination. The skies were clear and blue, lakes were clean and clear and uncontaminated. Animals roamed the land, fishes swam freely, birds chirped in the rain forest, and massive whales swam freely in the clear blue ocean. This description of Earth is the true beauty of nature and a gift from Mother Nature. Imagine the Earth free from pollution, disease, and flowing smoothly. A planet was once free from disturbance, until one creature was born and that specific creature that came to life was none other than called Neanderthals. Neanderthals were born with two legs and arms and opposable thumbs. This species could stand on their two legs and carry heavy objects with their muscular arms. The Neanderthals discovered the world was free from pollution. They got …show more content…
Nature is a way to experience life in general. A person will understand the work of art and the creation of every single living creature that is brought upon us all. Many people will destroy this beauty of nature without getting to know how nature developed over the years. They would not understand the feeling of nature itself. Many people would not get to see a footprint from an animal and get to see what kind of animal was it. They also won’t understand the feeling on how fresh the environment has been for a long time. For example, “What takes a lifetime to learn, they comprehend, is the existence and substance of myriad relationship: It is these relationships, not the things themselves that ultimately hold the human imagination.” (Lopez). If the planet every goes extinction, many people would not get to imagine and experience the beauty of nature because humanity destroyed us all for be

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