On First Looking Into Chapman's Homer Analysis

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Poetry is one of the literary genres that is used to pass a hidden message to the readers creatively. Poems are usually imaginative and metaphorical as the poet will often use common words to infer something different from what is commonly known. Various issues of the people can be drawn from a poem by understanding its language and setting. For example, the poem ‘On First Looking into Chapman’s Homer’ by John Keats brings about the concepts of beauty and truth. Although short, it is full of imagination and creativity that drive one to picture the world in a broader scope and take a third person position in admiring the world while facing some realities. Keats poem provides one with improved insight into the concepts of beauty and truth.
In the poem, the persona starts by giving a personal profile to imply his knowledge about the world and the experience from traveling around many kingdoms. While the statement may not be the truth, it is one of the creative aspects allowed in poetry to make the poem more convincing and interesting and to attract the reader to read the poem. The opening two lines also invite the reader to understand the role of creativity and imagination in literature. "Much have I travell'd in the realms of gold, And many goodly states and kingdoms seen;"(904) The claim that the
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The two are used to imply that exploration was rational and to motivate travelers and scholars through evidence. Truth is evident in the poem in various instances where the poet gives geographic locations and uses it to show its impact on knowledge acquisition. In cases where truth is not directly provided, Keats does not stand in its way either. Beauty is used to describe the region that the personal is indicated to have visited, and thus justify this action. The idea is also used to motivate those traveling and show the beauty that was expected in the new

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