Beauty And Truth In John Keats 'On First Looking Into Chapman's Homer'

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Poetry is one of the literary genres that is used to pass a hidden message to the readers creatively. Poems are usually imaginative and metaphorical as the poet will often use common words to infer something different from what is commonly known. Various issues of the people can be drawn from a poem by understanding its language and setting. For example, the poem ‘On First Looking into Chapman’s Homer’ by John Keats brings about the concepts of beauty and truth. Although short, it is full of imagination and creativity that drive one to picture the world in a broader scope and take a third person position in admiring the world while facing some realities. Keats poem provides one with improved insight into the concepts of beauty and truth.
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In the poem, it is argued that the persona though the world was vast and ruled by Homer, but he had never experienced this world that people were talking about. Homer as a historical storyteller, becoming a ruler in his Homeric Hymns world. Although it contradicts with the opening impression of being an explorer and experiencing the world, these few lines in the poem indicate the implication of truth in understanding. It was until the persona heard Chapman speak that he learnt of the world as vast, and what was being told about it became comprehensible. The truth by Chapman opened the persona’s mind and helped him to change from the explorer to the knowledgeable astronomer who was viewing and scrutinizing the world. In the poem, the persona is said to be a watcher of the skies and having eagles’ eyes that were staring at the Pacific region and the people in it. This implies that with the knowledge acquired from the truth told by Chapman, the person becomes more analytical of the world. In this regard, the concept of truth is indicated to help in improving an individual’s knowledge and …show more content…
Additionally, at the end of the poem, it is implied through the description of the Pacific and the new planet. The tone used in the section is that of being mesmerized by the view that is before the persona. Keats shows the persona as caught aback by the beauty of the new planet that he discovers from taking the role of a watcher of the skies (Poetry Foundation). Beauty is used to imply that the new lands around the globe are attractive and worth visiting. Through the lenses of an analytical geographer and those of an explorer, as the persona is made to shift between the two, the new planet and the Pacific are depicted as breathtaking. The poet avoids to point out directly the beauty of the land but provides the feelings derived from watching the skies and discovering a new planet. Poems are filled with imaginative and creative ideas that push one to think similarly. Therefore, the feeling referred to in the end of the poem is that the world was beautiful whether one was taking an active or passive view of it. The persona is showed as mesmerized by the universe while taking the viewers position and still while being an explorer. Keats used beauty to motivate people to explore the new worlds and justify the exploration. The notion serves the duty of driving travelers and those studying the world to continue pursuing their

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