Beastly Compared to Beauty and the Beast Essay

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There are many different versions of Beauty and the Beast; It is a magical story of unconditional love. It teaches children that beauty is much more then skin deep. In this assignment I am to compare two, Beauty and the Beast stories; one by the renowned, famous Grimm Brothers as presented by Disney. The other called Beastly by the modern author Alex Flinn. The two versions have many similarities but still quite a few differences.

Both versions follow the same basic story line; An attractive, spoilt, selfish young man is turned into a hideous beast by an evil witch because he could not see past her ugliness. She cast a spell on him, the spell can only be broken if the beast finds something to
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He has a bald head, deep slashed up face like he was attacked by a bear, tattoos all over his body including his face. He shows much more emotions about his appearance, you can see that he is ashamed because he is always hiding using a hooded jumper or just covering his face. He shows he loves the girl by finding out what she likes and joins in with her, he writes her a very long love letter and does everything he can to try and impress her. He also shows his true appearance to her after getting to know her and is very pleased with her response.

In Beauty and the Beast, the magical curse doesn’t just affect the beast, it affects the whole castle and all the people in it turned into objects and when the beautiful girl broke the spell it made the beast and everyone in the castle turn back into humans. In Beastly the curse only affects him and his appearance, not anyone else. He does make a deal with the witch that if he finds someone to love him she will help his blind friend get his sight back and his maid get white cards for her children so she can bring them over to New York.

After analysing both movies I found I preferred Beastly because it showed a lot more emotion and I like the setting and how at the start everything’s really dark and depressing but when things start to get better and the relationship between him and the girl grows it becomes quite a bright happy movie. I also like how

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