Be Fair ! By Stuntz: Article Analysis

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As the author goes on throughout this article, he begins with basically stating that prison for poor people, and more specifically, poor black men, is just their ordinary life. He then compares this to privileged white men in college. Then he continues on the mass incarceration on a scale almost unexampled in human history is a fundamental fact of our country today, where he then states or tries to relate it to the slavery fundamentals from 1850. The author states that there is now over six million people under “correctional supervision” in America. The estimated amount of people in these facilities is just as startling as the people already in there. For every hundred thousand Americans, about two hundred and twenty people were incarcerated. …show more content…
The Declaration of the Rights of Man says, Be just! The Bill of Rights says, Be fair!” Stuntz had mentioned this in his masterwork, “The Collapse of American Criminal Justice.” I agree with fairness, and that people should not be falsely accused of crimes, the whole enchilada. But some people get mixed up with being fair, and being just. Without being just, we’d have even more crime than we already do. We need to be just, we need to give people scary stories to keep them out of prison. We can’t make it look like somewhere they want to be, with the privileges of the innocent. As a country, we need to be just as fair as we are just, and vice versa. Which is also in this article, that above all we seek justice, and who can argue that.
Stuntz also states that you should always enter court with an understanding of what crime is and what justice is like. This is good advice, but it seems a little more like common sense. Then, the southern argument is that this story puts too bright of a face on the truth. But people need to know the truth. This is the reality of American prisons. If people can’t handle the truth on this, then they should just stay out of trouble and away from

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