Visions Of Modernity In The Works Of Baudelaire

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crossword puzzle to occupy their time. These people could easily spend this time in their own home, nothing is keeping the man with his crossword from finishing the puzzle in his own residence. In many ways though they do not because they also want to live their live in the glow that Baudelaire saw in the renovations of Paris. Present day people want to also live in the progress of the modern world. In these cities it goes beyond the changing in social interaction. Berman wrote that in Paris, “the Napoleon-Haussmann boulevards created new bases-economic, social, aesthetic-for bringing enormous numbers of people together.” Yes, the masses were able to interact together in a way that they could not easily before, but many of the major effects …show more content…
These visions often seem to be violently opposed to one another, and Baudelaire does not always seem to be aware of the tension between them.” Yes, he writes about the romantic and enchanting glow that the modern progress of Paris created over the city, but this is also contrasts with the shadows that are also present. Unfortunately as Burman continued, “Baudelaire’s faith in the bourgeoise neglects all the darker potentialities of its economic and political drives.” Baudelaire in many of his earlier writings overlooked the motivation for many of the upper class. Although, many people look to raise above the group that they were born into, none with to tumble down the socioeconomic ladder. Because of this many time the noble ambitions of modernity are pushed aside by those with power, so they can work to keep what they have already gained. The modern city is idealized at one where each person has all of their needs met as they live in harmony together. Man’s nature does not fully allow this to happen. Mankind tends to see the increase in another’s livelihood as a reaction to taking away from other. Giving means that someone has to be taken from. Like the couple in his writing, Baudelaire spend his time looking beyond the rubble of the city, many times appearing as though he could only see the new glittering light, only seeing the good in

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