Barrow & Swift Essay

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Barrow and Swift use different literary form to support their ideas about charity and generosity. Barrow uses sermon to persuade the rich people in his country to be charitable to the poor. Moreover, Barrow is being repetitive in his work, which is good because he wants to the readers to get his main ideas of being charitable to the poor, and he also relates charity to God and official Church of England. He emphasizes that being charitable will change God’s decisions on salvation and if you are not charitable you will be damned. His sermon also backed up by church’s doctrine, so the wealthy people of England believe on what Barrow stated. He stated that people were born equally, but economy in the world creates discrepancy between people, …show more content…
Here Barrow and Swift are trying to solve the problem of poverty in their countries. They use different approaches, but they have some similarities, which charity will give rewards to people who do it. In Barrow, philanthropist can have self-interest in doing charitable activities, interest from himself and interest from the people that are helped. For example, by charity, the person can have motives (self-interest) behind all the good approaches, and the recipients will be interested with the donator. In Swift, the rich people can help the poor by buying children for some amount of money, it helps the economy of the poor and also the rich can get food for reasonable price. This is form of reward that both the poor and rich will get, the poor will get some money and lose the burden of raising children, and the rich people will get recognition of having contributed in solving poverty in Ireland. I think Swift’s work is more effective in pushing charitable activities in his country, because he brings his ideas to extreme, brutal and horrible illustrations. It draws more consideration and gives some sense of how bad the situation is in Ireland. It is sort of showing that Ireland is in crisis and terrible condition, so he encourages the rich people to contribute and solve this pathetic condition of Ireland. In contrast, Barrow uses soft language to make people more charitable. He does not show how bad the poverty in England explicitly, and he also

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