Barn Burning : Who Is The Real Hero? Essay

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“Barn Burning”: Who Is the Real Hero? In the short story “Barn Burning” by William Faulkner, Sarty is made out to be the real hero by growing strong through family value and short life experiences his father drags him through. Sarty seems to support and have faith in his family as well as going to the extreme of lying for his father. He has learned the importance of blood shared by relatives, but at the same time knows in his heart right from wrong, which includes telling the honest truth. Even with all the conflict that is surrounded by the family Sarty must decide what is best for him in life. In spite of all the hardship Sarty has to endure, he becomes the real hero by doing the right thing.
During the first part of the story, Sarty seems to uphold enormous faith and devotion to his father. In this quote, “Enemy! Enemy!” (1005). Sarty is saying these people are also his enemies and apparently vice versa. At this point, he seems to feel his father’s blood internally, which makes him feel even more bonded. However, it is extremely difficult for Sarty when he accepts the faithfulness goes one way, which makes him desire to let go of this connection. Family means a great deal to Sarty. Evans mentions the following statement in his review of the “Barn Burning”: “Sarty may also be motivated by sibling rivalry (with his older, conformist brother) and by the inspirational power of his own name. Whatever the cause or causes of his revolt, Sarty eventually realizes that…

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