Barack Obama 's President Obama Essay

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Barack Obama was first brought into office in 2009 and has held the position for the last six years. There have been forty-five presidents of the United States, but prior to him, they had all been white. A new comer to the post with many disliking him, this speech was pivotal, an opportunity to assert his authority and to assure the people of America that he was not just suitable for the job but also a visionary president. Obama managed this by using a variety of paralinguistic features, far more than used normally in speeches, throughout the presentation to keep his viewers interested and engaged. Over 1.8 million people in Central Park, New York watched his performance as it was broadcast across the globe.

Recognising that it is hard to believe in someone who comes across as doubtful of themselves, Obama chose to present a strong and confident image. A quivering lip does not have the decided effect and so, although at the start of the speech, Obama’s nerves show through his calm mask and his voice shakes, his confident demeanour returns after the presidential oath, on time for him to begin his speech. [<- quite a long sentence] He then maintained it, seemingly effortlessly for the rest of the speech.

In the speech he talks about what previous generations did “for us” and of “reaffirming the greatness of our nation” as he is now the representation of America and people need to believe in the power of their country to believe in the authority of their leader. [<- quite…

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