Essay on Barack Clinton And How She Will Be A Strong Leader

2353 Words Nov 7th, 2016 10 Pages
To first evaluate Hillary Clinton and how she will be a strong leader for this country is to grasp democratic and personal ideologies on the issues regarding taxes. Knowing the basic principles helps determine which candidate will best fit the image of what America should look like in the next four to eight years. The online website “Democratic Party on Tax Reform” gives basic background knowledge on what each party stands for and represents. Since Clinton is a running democrat, it’s important to know the party’s core values. According to the site, democrats believe in tax breaks for working and middle class families. ("Democratic Party on Tax Reform"). They believe the tax code, which is a percentage of how much money worker’s pay to the government should not drain the pockets of the average citizen. By taxing the middle class less, allows the people to create more wealth. Democrats also believe in taxing the top 1% of Americans more so than the middle class ("Democratic Party on Tax Reform"). The idea behind this is that the rich are able to afford to pay more taxes that would in turn allow for more government spending. This would benefit society as a whole according to a democratic viewpoint since it creates more equality and more opportunity for people to live a more comfortable lifestyle. As a registered and voting democrat myself, I firmly believe in these values at heart. Hard working middle class families deserve a tax break which would allow them to spend their…

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