Antonio's Attachment Theory Case Study

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Another action step for Antonio is to empower him in creating an environment for his schedule that is promoting healthy growth and development. First the social worker and Antonio will attempt to include a schedule in which his three children can follow. A schedule specific the children’s time of sleep, their feeding times, times in which they will participate in activities practicing fine motor and gross skills along with speech development. This is not a strict time-sensitive schedule but a schedule to provide some support around what time of the day the activities can be completed. This schedule should be developed by Antonio, but also followed by those who the children’s care takers, Marco and the babysitter.
The second goal of the Banderas
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Specific objectives and interventions were based on attachment theory. Antonio and his brother’s family have a history of secure attachments in their home country of Honduras. When working with family units as a whole the focus on attachment is integral; Antonio’s children may have two styles of attachment while Antonio has one form. Oliver, Gabriella, and Ana may have avoidant or disorganized with their mother due to their pas history. At this moment in time the focus is establishing and maintaining the secure attachment that they with their father. Antonio can continue to provide them this attachment by not only addressing their basic needs of food, clothing, shelter, social needs, and making them feel safe in the world, but addressing their developmental needs is important. Speech, fine motor and gross motor skills, cognitive skills, social emotional skills, can be a determining factor in how these children can establish attachment. Especially the social emotional needs of the children should be monitored when being in a household where their needs are not being met. Basing their objectives and interventions on the closeness of the family and perceiving their thoughts of the entire process of the social worker and vast complexity of the agency can be intimidating. Antonio’s goals reflect attachment, so their objectives and interventions should be influenced by what they want to accomplish. It is important that the treatment plan reflects the family but also reflects the social worker’s theory guiding their

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