Banana Yoshimoto 's Kitchen And The Laura Esquivel 's Like Water For Chocolate

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Banana Yoshimoto’s Kitchen and the Laura Esquivel’s Like Water For Chocolate both offer perspicacious views on the impact of context and values on an individual with social political and cultural aspects. Both texts present the prevalent issues from each book’s respective social zeitgeist on the strain tradition puts on personal beliefs and values. Yoshimoto’s work explores the growth of a young woman in a modern society still heavily embedded with cultural tradition yet with conventional ideas of ethical issues from the influence of western values with tones of magic realism. Esquivel’s novella highlights life during the Mexican revolution with issues of standards for women and female oppression, closely tied with freedom, which the central character is confined to in her conventional upbringing. Both works present the reader with percipient views in apropos to the conflict regarding individual’s values in an orthodox society through the investigation of the existence of social inequality, personal ties with religion and faith and the influence of family ties.

Yoshimoto’s novella Kitchen explores the growth of a young Japanese woman in her pursuit of happiness in a conformist and cultural society where values are challenged in the roles we play as females and male in society. Published in 1987 after World War 2, the authors writing represents a departure from traditional Japanese literature, where views on values where influenced from America, these modern views liberated…

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