Essay on Bad News Bears

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Bad News Bears “Baseball was, is and always will be to me the best game in the world” these were the words once uttered by Babe Ruth. The Bad News Bears is a 1976 film, remade in 2005, about a little league baseball team full of misfits that were originally excluded from their Southern California baseball league for not being talented enough, but parent protest allowed for the team to be formed. The coach in charge of this team is a drunk, ex-professional baseball pitcher named Morris Buttermaker only thinking of himself and his paychecks. The team loses their first game after having to forfeit in the top of the first inning, quickly forming a rivalry with the Yankees. The team then wants to quit, but Buttermaker has a change of heart …show more content…
But in 2005 Buttermaker is made into a rodent exterminator, even seen dumping the dead animals into the dumpster at the ballpark.
The crew of misfits that the new Bears collect as team also differs from the original. The pitcher, Amanda, is depicted differently in the two films. In the first picture she is more feminine, asking for Buttermaker to help her pay for ballet lessons and even speaking about how she will need a bra soon. In the redone version Amanda appears to be more independent and followed mouth. When Buttermaker approaches Amanda in the original film she simply says no, however in the 2005 version she even says “’re such a loser. Man, you must have a big one, ‘cause I don’t know what else my mom saw in you.” Another character change was making the original African- American outfielder into a young Arminian boy. Both boys fear going home after the beating they take in the first game. The former character was embarrassed because his older brothers had been great baseball players. The lauder was for the reason that his father, who wasn’t from America, didn’t see the need for sports and thought the child should focus on school. A new character is added into the re-creation, a boy named Mathew Hooper. This young man is in a wheel chair and only gets on the field for one inning, making a miraculous catch in the title game.
Bad News Bears is a comedy about everything that could go wrong with a little league baseball team,

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