Bad Haircut By Tom Perrotta Essay

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In Bad Haircut, a collection of ten short stories by Tom Perrotta, the initial appearance of several characters are distinct from each other. Buddy’s initial reaction to each situation varies greatly from the eventual discovery of true condition. Important figures in Buddy’s life, including, the Wiener Man, the Pasco family, and Sharon, helped to influence the matured young man Buddy has developed to be. While the surface appearance of each situation looks convincing, the deeper meaning hiding behind the first impression can be analyzed through the characters’ actions, dialogue, and thoughts.
In "The Wiener Man", the man in the Oscar Mayer costume, also known as Mr. Mike Amalfi, is initially displayed as a heroic figure. However, once Buddy and his mother learn more about his true life, they get to know him on a deeper, personal level. In the initial sequence of the short story, Buddy and his Boy Scout troop, picture the Wiener Man, especially Buddy, as a heroic figure. He idolizes the Wiener Man because of his admiration for TV personalities and “I knew from experience that if you wanted to have a conversation with a celebrity, you had to get the ball rolling yourself.” (Perrotta 5) When Mr. Amalfi identifies Buddy’s mother strolling past with bags of groceries and learns of Buddy’s relation to her, he invites the pair to join him within the Frankmobile. While inside, Buddy listens to the truth about Mr. Amalfi’s life, “I like meeting the kids and seeing the…

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