Baby Boomers And Ageism : Will There Be A Storm? Essay

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Baby Boomers and Ageism: Will There Be a Storm? In the article, “The Future of Ageism: Baby Boomers at the Doorstep”, by Charles Longino, he depicts the negative affects of ageism and the impact that baby boomers impending retirement and Medicare will have on society. The term ageism was coined by Robert Neil Butler (1969), it describes the stereotyping and discrimination against a single person or a group based solely on their age (seniors). While the immense population of baby boomers (those born approximately between 1946 and 1964) begin to contemplate retirement, it is on the verge of encountering ageism on a degree never observed before. As the baby boomers reach the “normal” retirement age of 65, the number of people eligible for retirement each year will drastically increase in comparison to the unusually low population entering retirement from the past years. Charles Longino attributes this significant shift to an apocalyptic demography or the demographic imperative (2005:80). There are burgeoning apprehensions that the baby boomers will deplete the social security resources presently being used. Meanwhile, the elderly are leading healthier lifestyles and living considerably longer lives than before. As the baby boomers approach old age, Longino predicts that there will be a crisis because “the population of the United States has aged during the entire twentieth century because the mortality rate has declined at all ages, causing life expectancy to increase”…

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