Baby boom Critique Essay

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Baby Boom Critique

“Baby Boom”, is a heartfelt and comical movie in one. J.C. Wiatt played by (Diane Keaton), is a woman of a fast paced lifestyle dedicated to her profession working 75-80 hours a week. J.C has no time to spare for her personal or romantic life, or relaxation time for that matter with her schedule. (The film shows J. C. and her live-in mate, played by Harold Ramis, grudgingly allocating four minutes for sex one evening before going right back to their reading ("Movie Review - Baby Boom - Film: 'Baby Boom' -", n.d.). This movie goes from a career driven women who scared everyone, to a mother in the country who now shows fear. J.C. Wiatt is a workaholic whose sole focus in life is her job,
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However, she now had to keep Elizabeth for two days before the adoption would take place. She had no clue how to raise or tend to an infant this was no easy task for J.C. Few examples of being clueless, resorted to using tape to keep diaper on when she failed on “several” attempts, gave her a bowl of linguine to eat, which let to a huge mess, as well as spraying the infant with cleaning solution. However, things did start to improve and she was catching on to some reassuring attempts that worked.
During this time Elizabeth got sick and J.C started to master some of the parenting skills she never thought she would. She took baby’s temperature and gave her medicine to bring down her fever. J.C. paced the hallway back and forth to comfort Elizabeth while she tried to calm and fall asleep. J.C. slept with Elizabeth and stayed near her to make her feel safe “secure base”. This serves as an internal working model, or set of expectations about the availability of attachment figures and their likelihood of providing support during times of stress (Berk, pg. 150). After these two days together, waiting the adoption day J.C. and Elizabeth developed a strong emotional tie (attachment).
The day comes to give Elizabeth up for adoption J.C and she shows empathy now that its time to say goodbye. The adoptive parents did not seem right for Elizabeth, J.C. says goodbye as Elizabeth is crying and leaves. She made it maybe ten paces away from

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