Avatar, By James Cameron Essay

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James Cameron movie, Avatar, struck the audience in a provoking way. The method Cameron made it seem that way was by challenging the protagonist, Jake Sully, to become involved with the Na’vi and do things he did not believe in after he had adapted to the Na’vi culture. Avatar is a case of imperialism, which has happened throughout history in the world. Various times occurred in history, a foreign country has been imperialized for their lands belongings for natives of a country. Countries take over due to the others land resources. They do not occur to have feelings towards how the natives feel when doing so. Imperialism has a resemblance in Avatar and also the history of the world. A subtheme in Avatar is greed; therefore it ties into imperialism, because of the destruction of land and people, and invasion of the country are used for natural resources. On Pandora, a planet, humans are betrothed in the reserves identified as Unobtanium. While the Na 'vi, the creatures of Pandora, fight back the expansion; which threatens the lives of the Na 'vi and also the environment they live in. In James Cameron’s, Avatar, the color blue can be recognized as symbolism such as: loyalty, strength, and religion.
James Cameron was excellent in showing literary devices throughout his movie Avatar. Blue has an enormous resemblance of symbolism, such as it standing for loyalty. As Eytukan said, “Daughter—take my bow. Protect the people (Cameron 110).” An illustration of the resemblance would…

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