Autism Spectrum Disorder : Understand It And Treat It Essay

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Autism Spectrum Disorder: Understand it and treat it

Although Autism Spectrum Disorder, or better known as autism, is one of the more common neurological developmental disorders, a proper cure for the disorder still does not exist. It has been more than 60 years since the scientists defined autism clearly, yet it is only in the past decade that related advances in cognitive and basic neuroscience have begun to be used in clinical practice.
Autism spectrum disorder is typical of the majority of neuropsychiatric syndromes in that it is defined by signs and symptoms, rather than by its causes. An important part in finding a cure or even a better treatment that is known already for this disorder is by making accurate characteristics, and symptoms play a major role in approaching this neuropsychiatric syndrome, which is where problems arise. Part of the reason seems to be diverse possible causes of this neurological disorder, the genetic and phenotypic diversity, heterogeneity of this disorder, and the lack of biologically based classification systems. For example, even though language problems are one of the most fundamental symptoms of autism only about half of the ASD subjects have suffered language delay. Other related effects like mental retardation also prove to be in current data that less than 50% of all autistic individuals suffer significant cognitive impairments. This shows and brings variables to the problem, as there are no certain set symptoms for the…

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