Essay about Autism Spectrum Disorder And Autism

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Autism, also known as autism spectrum disorder, is a developmental disability that affects the way children speak and interact with others. Different levels of social interactions and certain behaviors portray these conditions. This developmental disorder usually begins before age three and lasts throughout a person’s life. Although some people with autism excel in many areas of life, there are others who struggle with day-to-day tasks. With autism on the rise, there are many characteristics, as well as signs, symptoms, and treatments that have a significant influence on those diagnosed with this disorder.

There are many characteristics that can be associated with autism such as the inability to understand another person’s feelings, difficulty maintaining friendships, and verbal outbursts. Unusual behavior is also common in those with autism due to the difficulties they face when responding to their environment. In these situations, those with autism are struggling to express their feelings or to cope with a situation. Practitioners describe autism as a spectrum, which varies from mild to severe. According to the article About Health, the autism spectrum is incredibly wide and varied (2014). At one end of the spectrum are those who struggle in society due to their deficiencies, while on the other end are those who live self-sufficient and effective lives. His or her performance level, as well as the use of standardized tests, determines where he or she would be placed on…

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