Autism Is The General Term For A Group Of Complex Disorders Of Brain Development

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Primary Dx: Autism
Autism is a developmental disorder that makes it difficult for individuals to communicate as well as form relationships with people. People diagnosed with autism are characterized by the impairment to form normal social relationships and by stereotyped behavior patterns. In autism different areas of the brain fail to work together. Autism is the general term for a group of complex disorders of brain development.

Cause: Some of the believed causes of an individual developing autism is having a family history, environment of child surroundings and caused by other medical problems.

Symptoms: The symptoms that are related to an individual diagnosed with autism is a delay in speech, child may seem to be deaf, repeated/overused behaviors, interests and play.

Tx: The treatments that are currently used to help treat individuals diagnosed with autism is behavioral training, speech therapy, physical therapy and medication.

Prognosis: With the proper diagnosis and early interventions many of the symptoms related to autism can be reduced and for some adults with autism are able to work successfully in mainstream jobs. Some of the difficulties they may face in life are communication and social problems. individuals are encouraged to have continuous encouragement and moral support to aid in living independently or in a supportive environment. Common Co-Occurring Conditions: Some of the common conditions that are co-occurring with autism are intellectual…

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