Essay Autism And Its Effects On Brain Development

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One out of every sixty-eight children are born with Autism Disorder each year, which majorly affects brain development. This paper will help those who read it have a better understanding of this disorder and everything that goes along with it. Autism is a general term for a group of complex disorders of brain development, in which these disorders are characterized by, in varying degrees, by difficulties of social interaction, verbal and nonverbal communication and repetitive behaviors (Autism Speaks, 2016,). The commonality of Autism has increased in the last forty years due to increased awareness, improved diagnosis, and just a better general understanding of the disorder. Autism was first identified in 1887, when Dr. John Langdon Down, the doctor who identified Down 's Syndrome, also identified mental retardation, which today we know as autism. From 1910-1940, the term Autism was used to describe those with schizophrenia, and those with schizophrenic tendencies. In the 1940’s Leo Kanner in the United States and Hans Aspergers in Germany conducted research involving individuals with social, and emotional limitations that also demonstrated withdrawn behavior, soon thereafter Kanner created Kanner 's Syndrome, now known as Early Infantile Autism, whereas Aspergers created his syndrome and named it after himself. They were both very similar, yet distinct because those who suffered with Aspergers had low social skills but there was little to no language barriers. In the…

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