Autism: A Nightmare No Parent Wishes

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Autism, a mental health disorder that is generally associated with the younger generation. Autism is on the rise, as research is becoming more abroad and educational. Another reason, parents/guardians are starting to become more aware of their child being considered for examination for autism, is due to the fact that educational providers are now being trained on how to identify these signs and symptoms. This is a touchy subject, and one that should be handled with caution.
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Autism-A Nightmare No Parent Wishes
Autism, a word that no parent wants to hear. As autism diagnosis is on the rise, parents are becoming more familiar with the term, but that doesn’t necessarily mean they know what to look for in their child, or how to suspect it. All parents, new or experienced often deal with or have the “problem child”, the child that always acts or just simply never listens. Most parents would typically consider acting out or not listening to be normal of a growing child, but how do you know when it has gone too far, or to suspect that something could be wrong with your child? This paper will discuss Autism,
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“Patients with ASD may desire friendship and interaction with others, but their inability to understand the emotions, motivations, and perspectives of others thwarts efforts toward developing relationships.” (Williams, Hopper 2007). These children tend to need a lot of help from others, and don’t prefer change. Other signs and symptoms of autistic children is extreme hypersensitivity. These children might be sensitive to sounds, sights, smells, and touch. Autistic children tend to be very intelligent, as well as intuitive. Although they have a big imagination, they tend to be very

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