`` Authority, Resistance, And Transformation : Jewish Reflections On Good Sex

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This paper carries on Judith Plaskow’s “Authority, Resistance, and Transformation: Jewish reflections on Good Sex” and Patti Jung’s “Sanctifying Women’s Pleasure” conversation on Good Sex. Judith Plaskow critiques Judaism and other religious traditions conception of good sex, which undergirds patriarchal mindset and values that tend to be oppressive and do injustices to women. Therefore, she argues that authority about good sex ought not be established by tradition alone, nor by traditional patriarchal interpretation of biblical texts, but reformulated from positive strands of religious traditions and as envisioned by communities of resistance and transformations. Likewise, Patti Jung critiques the church’s failure in sanctifying mutual sexual pleasure between couples and thus many American women do not enjoy sex. She argues for a communal nurturing, sustaining, and enhancing of women’s sexual pleasure as morally significant so that more women would enjoy partnered sex. I support both women’s view. An updated global research studies on sexual satisfaction show people in other countries have up to 70 times more sex than Americans do and only about 44 percent of the 26,000 people interviewed are sexually fully satisfied. In moving the discussion from good to great sex and in response to Judith and Patti, I propose a mindset shift from a patriarchal to a heterarchical perspective of ancient biblical Israel that intertwines sex with happiness, freedom, and virtue ; and to…

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