Australian Social Policies, Legislations And Principles Essay

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Australian Social Policy.


Course: Australian social policies, legislations and principles relating to health care have been prioritised to ensure that health issues are addressed appropriately. Campbell Newman, the Queensland premier has designed several policies to ensure that some of the controversial policies concerning the health sector are rectified for better performance (Australian Institute of Health and Welfare, 2012). One of the health reforms that he has promised to undertake is privatisation of some hospitals such as the sunshine coast university hospital private developers. By doing so he will be able to address some contemporary issues in the health sector to ensure that quality and affordable services are rendered to the citizens. It’s evident from the newspaper article that there is negligence in the delivery of services by the health care practitioners. In the case of Lee Dumber whose life was messed up due to negligence in the part of the doctor who misinterpreted the results and consequently prescribed the wrong medication that negatively transformed the life of the patient.

The government should ensure that those who are licensed to undertake such duties are qualified and must meet certain requirements. Also, failure to match some standards should be looked at and those who fail should have their licences revoked (Australian Centre For Health Research, 2011). By doing so the practitioners are always kept on toes in safeguarding the good…

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