Australian Families Face Solidarity And Division Essay

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Australian families face solidarity and Division:

Numbers of sole parent households are increasing, with predictions of a 65% increase within Australia by 2036. Although financial assistance is provided by the welfare system, families continue to experience financial hardship. Recent statistics suggests, that sole parent families are at the highest risk of experiencing disadvantage.

Why are so many Australian sole parent families living so close to or below the calculated poverty line? Although sole parent families receive financial support payments provided by the welfare system, sole parent families are not coping with the rapid growth of the economy. Most living expenses are rising, for sole parent families their low income remains the same forcing unrealistic expectations of budgets and financial pressure within the home and lives for these families. Research suggests, if the only source of income is welfare payments, dependent families will struggle to escape the culture of poverty. Over time Statistics display, Australian Family Trends, sole parent families in Australia 19% to near 24 % between the years 1986 and 1996 ( Qu, L., & Weston, R. (1993, July ).
Stereotypical views toward sole parents are very outdated within demographic trends. The economics of sole parent family lives will adjust through out time along with social trends, public debate within society measuring between the quality in parenting and care of children between sole parent households and…

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