Australia 's The World War Essay

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History, although it is what defines the world we live in today still causes conflict in the Australian curriculum. Arguments are often about what should be taught in history in our schools. For many its underlining issues is that it not only represents the good that has happened in the past, but also clearly delves into the dark side and this can quite confronting at times. The world wars are a clear contender in these issues for the most part they are what have shaped our very nation today, for instance the second world war had such an impact that Paul Kelly argues it “remade Australia” it industrialized the nation with over 400 new products being produced within Australia alone, this however impressive is built on the fact that about 50,000 men and women lost their lives and were injured during the war. When looking at the Australian history curriculum, there are critical questions that need to be addressed; how is history being taught in our schools? Does the teaching of the world wars show an equal view of Australia’s involvement within the conflict? And what could be changed to better the history curriculum?

The teaching of history is no easy task as many students dislike the subject and therefore disengage with the topic overall. It seems that the teaching of history has become less dignified, as what is being taught isn’t giving realistic views on history. Furthermore the subject comes across as boring and students are unable to relate. Results show that “in 2006…

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